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Skin and Wrinkle Treatment 

Wrinkles occur for varying reasons and should therefore also be treated with diverse methods

Excessive skin must be surgically removed; only a lifting procedure is
effective in such cases. The same applies when soft tissue has become saggy and the harmony of the proportions is to be restored.

Fat Injections 
When wrinkles need volume or the patient plans to have the surrounding tissue lifted (see nasolabial folds during facelift), volume can be increased using the patients own fatty tissues. This is currently our favorite wrinkle treatment procedure. For example, in order to be able to harmonize the area around the mouth with the also volumetrically renovated neck and cheeks during a facelift, volume increase with the bodys own fatty tissue is an ideal complement. Because fatty tissue is living tissue, the results of the injections remain intact for years. This effect can also be used to even out irregularities on other places of the body or to perform a targeted tissue increase (keyword: buttock augmentation). After the treatment, there will be some swelling for several days, especially in the facial region.

Dermabrasion (Sanding), Fruit Acid Peeling, Laser Treatment
Superficial wrinkles can also be smoothed out by removing the upper skin layer. In principle, there are three methods for doing this: sanding (dermabrasion), burning (chemical peeling), and selective heating (laser treatment) of the skin. By removing the upper skin layers, all these methods even out depth differences in the skin,
stimulate collagen fibers in the deeper skin layers, and tighten the skin during the healing process.

Injection of Fillers
Another method of treating superficial wrinkles is the injection of collagen, hyaluronic acid, or similar substances. In contrast to fat injections, these substances are broken down by the body little by little over time. However, their advantage is that they hardly cause any swelling, so that the patient can "be amongst people" without being self-conscious of his or her appearance.

Botox Treatment 
Mimic wrinkles that have been formed due to many years of excessive stress on certain facial muscles (laugh and frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crows feet), can be corrected by weakening the causative muscles. This can be done either with an operation or by injection of the increasingly popular drug BOTOX®, which decreases or eliminates muscle contraction. 


Contour Changes Through Liposuction
(Fat Removal)

This procedure is especially suitable for removing localized deposits of fatty tissue in certain stubborn places, the so-called problem zones (stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, back, etc.). However, this procedure does not yield satisfying results for overweight patients, because an overall reduction of the fat layer across the entire body is not possible. Before a liposuction procedure, overweight patients should first lose excess pounds (through diet, exercise, etc.). The best results will be achieved when the procedure is performed on a patient of proportionate weight who nevertheless has isolated deposits of stubborn fat.


The so-called “fat-away injection” is currently still in its experimental stages. In our practice, we are currently conducting a controlled study on this subject that will aid us in assessing the feasibility of this method. With this method, small areas of excess fatty tissue are treated using injection-lipolysis.

Fatty Tissue Transfer

This treatment method is increasingly gaining importance in our practice. The body’s fatty tissue is removed using a special suction method, processed, and then injected into other parts of the body in specific dosages. This procedure is suitable for localized augmentation in the cheek and mouth areas, the breasts, hands, and buttocks. It can also be used to restore volume when the body contour shows defects after an operation or radiation treatment.

Medical Advise
After a prior appointment, Dr. Nathrath is at your disposal daily for medical consultation and assistance.

Administrative Advise
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