Plastische Chirurgie Arabella
Dr. med. Hans-Leo Nathrath
Richard-Strauss-Strasse 69
81679 München
Tel. +49-(0)89-91 91 10
Fax +49-(0)89-91 91 12


In 1972, Peter Härtel MD, a pioneer in the field of aesthetic surgery, founded the Plastic Surgery Department of the Arabella Clinic, located on the 19th floor of the well-known Arabella House in Munich-Bogenhausen. Under Dr. Härtel’s direction, both the clinical department as well as the affiliated practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery came to enjoy high renown with an excellent international reputation. In 1991, Hans-Leo Nathrath, MD joined the surgical team, first as Senior Physician and shortly thereafter as Partner. Upon Dr. Härtel’s retirement at the end of 1999, Dr. Nathrath took over as the new director of the clinic and the practice.

In 2010 Dr. Nathrath relocated the practice and surgical units to Richard – Strauss Str. 69 - a few hundred meters farther . Today the spacious, well appointed practice – clinic meets the exacting demands of individual and conscientious consultation and treatment. The clinic features a state- of- the- art operating theatre containing the latest medical equipment. With our team of experienced anesthesiologists, sensitive surgical nurses and Dr. Nathrath as surgeon all plastic surgical operations can be realized. After the treatment our patients may have a long lie in enjoyable ambience under medical supervision. If desired or essential there is of course as well the possibility to have the surgical treatment at the state –of-the-art Starmed Clinic in München Alt-Perlach or at the close by situated Schreiber Clinic.